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Tomorrow's Stars is an all volunteer organization. We only exist because of generous donations we receive. The need is great in Elmina. We sometimes need more than money, we need experience. The trip to Elmina, Ghana is costly so we have been very lucky to have so many volunteers who not only give their time to help the children in Elmina but also pay to travel there to help in person. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer some time to help Tomorrow's Stars or even just come to read to children please contact us!


Sue Gonzalez is a special education teacher in San Francisco.
She has come to Ghana five times now.  She obtains grants for education projects and volunteers to implement them in Elmina with Tomorrow's Stars support.  The latest projects are for students of age 10-16 to write their own stories.  She works with IASBT to publish them on the internet as well as locally printing them for their friends to read.  Here is a link for the stories.

The Adrinka symbols drawn by girls' club.   Sue and Fred with Cecelia giving award.

Her 2014 grant was from Fund for teachers, here is a link to their article.

In 2012 she began the Adehye Girls Club at Bantuma and Christ Cares school.  You can see more about this success story for girls on the Adehye Girls Club page.

Sue with Fred and Josephine and KG kids.    Sue with EHS scholarship students.

Fred Graham is a traveling man with a big heart from NYC.  He has been to Elmina three times.  He visits our projects and makes friends and helps as needed.  In 2014 he and Sue were there at the same time both guided by Solo and enjoyed Bakatue, the annual fishing festival in Elmina.  He provided routers for internet to Christ Cares and Bantuma schools.


   Fred and Sue with Solo and Josephine and KG.        ​     Fred with Edinaman students and Solo

   Fred and Sue and Lizandra with award.   Fred posing at Christ Caes with students.



Helen with George, Rudolph and others in 2011.       Sue in Bantuma Library helping with reading.


Mary Ann with Biology teacher Cynthia in Edinaman HS Lab.  

Using microscopes and slides to teach about cells.


Mary Ann with Edinaman students.


Teachers Michelle, Kellie and Nancy and Michelle's daughter Katie spent two weeks in Elmina helping to train teachers and "make education possible".  It was an unforgettable experience for all of them.


​Michelle and daughter Katie with children,  Nancy with students.


Kellie working with students at Christ Cares.



      Rege painting in KG in May 2007.                    Shawna with HS student Otoo.

Shawna Ping volunteered from Aug-Dec 2007.  She lived at Christ Cares for some of the time and worked on science lab experiements and many other school improvements and was immersed in the life of the Elmina area.  ​​


​Lizandra Vidal spent much of 2004 in Ghana, including biking solo through much of West Africa.  Besides a wonderful adventure, she helped the children of Christ Cares school and made friends in the community becoming proficient in the local language.​

 Ben and Liza February-December 2004       ​