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​​​​​​​Sue's  AllPeopleBeHappy​ Mentoring Project

Thanks to a grant from the AllPeopleBeHappy Foundation, the Adehye Girls Club and the Bantuma Reading Club participated in a cross-age tutoring project to develop leadership/mentorship skills for the older students and literacy skills for the younger students. About one hundred students participated in this literacy project.

See Sue's APBH 60 sec Video.​​

Older students were paired with students in kg through class 3 for literacy tutoring. Each session began with a phonics lesson, followed by the students reading books together, and ending with a creative writing activity based on the book that was read.

005.JPG​​ 007-001.JPG

​​​Younger students had a baggie to take home their writings so they could read to their parents and siblings. These students were so proud to share their work with their families!


 ​​Some of the students' writing was published on e-readers at the libraries. The students love reading each others' stories!


​​My friends, Ben and Laurel, came by to tutor the students.  It was great to have them visit and help out.

017.JPG 039.JPG

​​Painting the Library

In addition to the tutoring project, the students were involved in a few other leadership and empowerment projects. The Adehye Girls Club took charge in painting their library. The girls picked the colors, went to the paint shop and spent the day singing and dancing while they transformed their library into a welcoming, colorful space for reading. Teacher Osborne painted the finishing touches of inspirational messages and images.           

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Ghanaian artist, David Boamah, spent the day teaching the students all about batiking. They made beautiful fabric that they will use to make purses and other items to sell.

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​Bakatue Festival

Leticia took me to the Bakatue Festival, which celebrates the beginning of the fishing season in Elmina. This was an amazing opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Ghana.

bakatue 2015 048.JPG bakatue 2015 044.JPG

Pen Pals

The students were excited to receive their pen pal letters from my students in SF!

quiz show day 2015 098.JPG quiz show day 2015 105.JPG

A special Thank You  to Solo, Leticia and Richard. Solo and Leticia awarded me with a wonderful Citation of Honor and Richard made beautiful calendars for ER Taylor School. This project wouldn't have been possible without the support of all of the volunteers as well.


I want to thank AllPeopleBeHappy​, Tomorrow's Stars and all of the PIF scholars for the opportunity to continue working with these wonderful students. I believe in my heart that children's lives can be transformed through literacy and leadership experiences. My hope is that these students will continue to foster a love for reading and mentorship that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Here are a few more pics of our summer literacy and mentorship project.

​      Leticia and her students                      ​ Richard and me​​ after a tutoring session

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Teachers meeting at Christ Cares                        All the kids love Solo!SAM_0863.JPG    053-001.JPG