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SPRING 2016 NEWS!!​​​​



We are proud to report that our Pay It Forward (PIF) students are "making education possible" while we are all here in the US.  Here are some highlights from the activity in Elmina since George's last visit in November. ​

Christ Cares Management and PIF have been very active:

  • We have added a "Resource Room" to the Kindergarten 1 & 2 rooms.  The purpose is to have small groups of students working with an extra (PIF) teacher with hands on exercises and toys.  It has only started but they are enjoying it.

  • Tomorrow's Stars (Rockson and his helpers) painted the KG rooms, Resource Room and Grade 1.  Christ Cares has painted the outside of the buildings.  

  • Each grade 9 student has a PIF mentor to help prepare for the National BECE exam in June.

  • Our Pay It Forward (PIF) Students continue to make eduation possible with the Girls Club, Library, Science Lab and Computer lab. 

  • Handwashing continues to become a habit.​  Bathrooms have been upgraded and soon the KG and Nursery kids will have their own.  

C1IMG_0742.JPG C1IMG_0829.JPG

Left:  Pay It Forward students Rudolph, Otabil, Chris, Joseph, Joana, Leticia, Philo and Esther.  Right:  Christ Cares Management has given school exterior a needed paint job.  

Kindergarten Resource Room is a 2016 Priority.  Donors John and Nancy Grinager provided a donation to help make it happen.  Pictures below show how it is starting.  At end of March, volunteer Sue Gonzalez, a reading specialist will travel to Elmina to help train teachers and define activities.  

C1IMG_0865.JPG  ​C1IMG_0874.JPG

​KG2 teacher Christina and PIF student Joana with KG students.  

Joana with small group of kids in new Resource Room.

 C1IMG_0869.JPG C1IMG_0873.JPG

More photos of Joana with KG kids in resource room.  Hands-on resources of items that children recognize, to help understand Fante and English descriptive names.

 C1IMG_0861.JPG C1IMG_0867.JPG C1IMG_0874.JPG​​

C1IMG_0868.JPG C1IMG_0870.JPG

The resource room is for children in small groups to do hands-on exercises with letters and phonics and math with toys.  We are moving from traditional rote learning.


The bathrooms at Christ Cares are being fixed​ with help from donor Fred Graham.   New bathrooms are also going in near the resource room​ for the smaller children .

C1CIBathroom1.jpg C1CIBathroom2.jpg CCIBathroom3.jpg

Bantuma School Library and Reading Club.

  • PIF Librarian Richard has many students spending time at the library using the e-readers and laptop.

  • The Reading Club went on a field trip to the port at Takoradi to learn about careers in the military and shipping businesses.  Children rarely get to see these things in Ghana, it was a fun trip.

  • Otabil is tutoring 7 HS students in Math after their school day.  We are hoping to define a method to improve HS math scores, especially with girls.

Many students and teachers use the library facilities at Bantuma.  Richard arranged for the reading club to participate in a tour to Takoradi to see the port and learn about careers in the Ghana Navy and Armed Forces.

Saving sight at Abrem Essiam School

  • ​Francis (Optometry student) has performed a sight screening for over 300 children and teachers in his village with the help of The Optical Foundation​.  This included "saving sight" by providing corrective eyewear to five children.

  • ​A Girls Club has started with past student Kate as the leader.  She will travel to learn from Leticia at Christ Cares, but Francis has already introduced her to the methods used.

  • Isaac and Eric continue to have the library open most of the time and are helping 9th graders prepare for their exam.

 A1IMG_0703.JPG A1IMG_0838.JPG A1IMG_0843.JPG
UCC students assessing vision for village students.  
   A1IMG_705.JPG A1IMG_0701.JPG
Group photo after the vision testing.  At right Francis performing screenings.

A1IMG_0820.JPG A1IMG_0822.JPG 
A1IMG_0823.JPG A1IMG_0825.JPG

Students with corrective eyewear provided by The Optical Foundation.  This was a great project with our star Francis leading the way.  The Optical Foundation, Tomorrow's Stars, and Univ of Cape Coast all worked together to "save sights"

University Students and beyond (see Pay it forward Page)​​

  • Rudolph is finishing as a medical intern as well as writing a second book and writing on Wordpress.  Check out some of his ​short inspirational posts at​  Dolph Inspires​.  ​​I read them every day.​

  • Solo is doing his year of National Service as a teacher at Swedru, two hours away.  He has quickly become assistant to the headmaster there because of his attitude and abilities. 

  • Otoo is Headmaster at Christ Cares doing a fabulous job at leading the changes there.  He and Solo hope to eventually get teaching positions at Edinaman HS.

  • Rockson has been the key man in fixing up the resource room, procuring furniture and resources and painting the inside of Nursery, all 3 KG rooms and Grade 1.  He is a "get it done" guy!!

  • Eric and Chris are taking Chem Eng and Herbal Medicine at KNUST, the national science university.  Both achieved honors during their first semester.

  • Francis is at Univ Cape Coast in Optometry and still is nearly all A s.

  • Richard and Isaac have good results in distance learning for Education Management while being librarians.