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​​Sue's March 2015 Trip

This past March I had the opportunity to take my son, Jonny, to visit Elmina and share with him all of the wonderful things happening with Tomorrow's Stars scholars and students.​

One of the highlights of this trip was exchanging 100 pen pal letters between students at my school, ER Taylor Elementary School, and students at Christ Cares and Bantuma Schools. The children learn so much about each others' cultures through these letters. The students in Ghana have sent over many gifts to my students including bracelets, pencils and erasers. Throughout these past five years of exchanging letters, I have seen so much improvement in the writing skills of all of the students involved!

christ cares and bantuma 011.JPG     christ cares and bantuma 012.JPG

Literacy Leaders and Readers

Last summer, I was awarded a grant through Fund for Teachers to study Adinkra symbols and work with students at Christ Cares and Bantuma to write personal narratives about how these symbols impact their lives. Now, these students are thrilled to read their own stories on Worldreader e-readers! 


​​Adehye Girls Club

The Adehye Girls Club members have been very busy teaching younger students all about beading, crocheting and reading. The girls continue to make bracelets and crocheted bags to raise funds for the club. If you are interested in purchasing a beautiful​ Adehye Girls Club bracelet, feel free to contact me at

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My good friends, Jill and Gene Cohn, were in Ghana visiting their son Ben, and came by Bantuma and Christ Cares to donate art supplies for the libraries and bring biscuits and juice to the Reading Club and Girls Club. The students were thrilled to make new friends.


Richard and Leticia, Tomorrow's Stars librarians, took a trip with us to Mole National Park. We had such an amazing experience watching the elephants and and warthogs roaming in the wild. Yes, those are elephants right behind us relaxing in the water!

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Thank You to All People Be Happy!!!

Thank you so much to All People Be Happy for awarding me a summer grant to implement a cross age tutoring project with the Adehye Girls Club, Bantuma Reading Club and 1st through 3rd grade students at Bantuma and Christ Cares School. This project will build on the older students' leadership skills while supporting basic literacy skills for the younger students. Most important, I hope to see all of the students involved develop of love of reading and service!