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  • Paying it forward becomes a habit for HS graduates at Libraries and Christ Cares school.  Five students earn TStars support for university tuition.
  • Sue returns to Elmina for a "mentoring" project at the libraries.
  • Solo and Otoo graduate university in Education Management and take over at Christ Cares school.  Graduate Rudolph does National Service at a hospital, he also co-writes a book, and implements hand sanitation project at Christ Cares.
  • ​Volunteers Sue, George, Fred and Birgitta support Tomorrow's Stars this summer.
​​Students Paying it Forward (PIF)

​​Our "Pay it forward" culture is taking hold in Elmina.  We have 18 past and current scholarship students helping out at libaries and Christ Cares school in many capacities, all helping their juniors learn.   You can read about some of them below.


We are proud to have 3 university graduates

We also support 5 current university students.

Please donate to help us support our Pay it Forward students to attend university.  They have bright futures.​

 c2c27de955e26248a697151ed778a496.jpg ​RudolphBook.jpg
Rudolph our "Pioneer".  He has graduated University in Herbal Medicine and completed his one year National Service at a hospital.  His mentor at the hospital was looking for help writing a book about his life work.  He and Rudolph have collaborated and the book will release in October.  It is only one of his many achievements.  He has championed the hand washing program at Christ Cares (CCI).  ​In October he begins his final clinical year in Kumasi.

Solo                             Otoo
Solo, our "Guide" has graduated Univ. Cape Coast in education management.  He represents Tomorrow's Stars at Christ Cares International school as well as being Sue's project coordinator and generally "making education possible" every day.  He goes to his national service in September, teaching at a village 2 hrs away.

At right:  1-Otabil will be PIF coordinator at CCI as well as Edinaman HS scholarship coordinator.  2-Otoo is new headmaster at CCI as Maxwell goes off to school.  3-Solo and   4-Rockson who is a past student and assistant to Otoo.  Otoo is a Star who has graduated UCC in education management and has postponed his national service for a year to be Headmaster at Christ Cares International school (CCI).​
They are a great team.  Rudolph will be there to help in Sept/Oct.

Christopher                      Eric
Chris on left (hand washing) and Eric (science teacher) both are PIF students and EHS/CCI grads.  They are headed off to KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah Inst of Sci and Tech).  
As an alumnus, Rudolph will help them prepare.
We are proud of them and they are thankful for tuition help from Tomorrow's Stars!!!​

Wiredu-1.JPG Wiredu-2.jpg
Francis Wiredu has completed 3 years in optometry at UCC.  He is nearly a straight A student.  He pays it forward at Abrem Essiam school and has completed a summer internship at a hospital.​

IMG_1728.JPG 04b964b1d04c765d2e91f1692e8b2879.jpg 
Richard                        Isaac
Richard is Librarian at Bantuma school.   He has created and developed the Bantuma reading club.  Isaac is librarian at Abrem Essiam.  Both are doing distance learning at U. Cape Coast to become teachers. ​

And those Paying it Forward (PIF) to prepare for university
JosephAgbezuke.jpg Lawrenda Deku.JPG
New PIF leader at CCI and EHS honors graduate Joseph on left.  He got an excellent 16 on his WASSCE HS exam.  Rt:  Lawrenda 2nd of 800 in EHS class.

IMG_1726.JPG IMG_1845.JPG
Emmanuel helping readers at Bantuma Library.   EHS grad Philomena is Nursery assistant at CCI

IMG_1997.JPG IMG_2125.JPG
Emmanuel on left, Leticia with Girl's club in Library on right. 
IMG_1594.JPG IMG_1601.JPG
Edinaman scholarship students, many pay it forward at CCI on their vacation.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sue returns to Elmina to make education possible

Our volunteer Sue earned a grant from "All People Be Happy" to help our Bantuma Reading Club and Christ Cares Girls' Club to mentor the younger students.  This included reading to and with​ them.  There is more about this on Sue's News July 2015​ page.

And here is a 60 sec video she did for them.  ​Sue's APBH video​

Below are some pictures from the wrap up presentation meeting when volunteers George, Fred and Birgitta were also in Elmina.  

IMG_1621 - Copy.JPGIMG_1669.JPG 

All mentors with their "juniors" at the awards ceremony.  Solo and Sue on left.  PIF Esther on right with 70 students from two schools.  Happy about reading (and pens and snacks).

IMG_1625 - Copy.JPG IMG_1633 - Copy.JPG

Sue and George addressing the group.  Sue with Girls' Club leader Leticia.

IMG_1646.JPGIMG_1648.JPG ​IMG_1650.JPG

 IMG_1665.JPG IMG_1667.JPG 

Volunteer Fred (and Sue) handing out Tomorrow's Stars backpacks to best "mentors".

Hand Sanitation

Everyone agrees that "hand washing with soap" is important to health, but making it happen can be a challenge where clean water and toilets are not always available.  

Rudolph and Christopher are trying to make it a habit before and after lunch for small children at CCI.  There are also creating their own recipe for hand sanitizer.
Initially, they found​ that hand washing was inefficient with excess liquid soap applied leading to too much water for rinsing.  But their ingenuity has come to the rescue.  
Rudolph and Chris have mixed their own soapy water to be applied with a used water bottle with a hole in the cap.  See below. 
IMG_1864.JPG IMG_1870.JPG
Rudolph and Chris with plan in CCI science lab.  Soap shavings in pan. 
IMG_1878.JPG IMG_1887.JPG
Chris with soapy water, Otabil pouring it into bottles. 
IMG_1890.JPG IMG_1891.JPG 
Bottles of soapy water on left, being squirted on hands on right for soaping up.
 IMG_1897.JPG IMG_1899.JPG
Rinsing station at Nursery, KG and Primary grades.
IMG_1905.JPG IMG_1927.JPG
More rinsing on left.  Rudolph on right, everyone's friend and mentor. 
 IMG_1931.JPG IMG_1965.JPG
Rudolph also researched hand sanitizer contents and has found locally available materials to make it.  They are still working on containers and how to manage refills.  The purpose is to have something for soap and water and hand sanitizer that can be practical and cheap at home and school.  The soapy water bottle can work great for homes.
Hand sanitizer tried out by Chris and P4 teacher Osborn.  It works great.

Bantuma Library
RI4-0815.jpgIMG_1617 - Copy.JPG 
Bantuma library was our first.  Richard has been librarian for 3 years now and is taking education at UCC by distance learning.  He was also a key part of implementing Sue's mentoring project this summer.  
Richard has done a great job of motivating the reading club and making education possible for students during and  after school, but especially on weekends and vacations.

Mary is going into Grade 9 will be eligible for EHS scholarship next year.

Abrem Essiam Library
George and Brigitta met with PIF Star Francis Wiredu and librarians Isaac and Eric at Abrem Essiam to discuss implementation of the new "tablet" as well and e-readers and library improvement programs.
04b964b1d04c765d2e91f1692e8b2879.jpg 3126e8ec08e95c6059de16aa1f90d206.jpg
Librarian Isaac with students.  
They are showing off two e-readers and a tablet being used by the students.

​​Christ Cares International School​
Lots of great news at Christ Cares.​
  • Past student Otoo is now HM with lots of help from our Stars Solo and Rudolph and many PIF students.
  • The School Management Committee has taken a leadership role to improve enrollment with help from Tomorrow's Stars.​  This includes a scholarship programs for brilliant, serious but needy students.
  • Over 100 students came during August vacation for free classes managed by our PIF students.
  • Eight students took their grade 9 BECE exam and hope to have results that will earn scholarship awards to Edinaman HS.
   IMG_1801.JPG ​​IMG_1808.JPG
Otabil, Otoo, Solo and Rockson in computer lab.  Teachers Osborn and Frederick.
Osborn was the artist for the CCI library painting with the Girls' Club.
  IMG_1840.JPG  IMG_1852.JPG 
Perpetual, JHS English teacher with her Pleasanton education bag.  Agnes P1 teacher with some students.  We have put in some resource centers in first grade (P1) to help with hands on learning like in KG.

IMG_2109.JPG IMG_2112.JPG
CCI is divided into 4 "houses" (like in Harry Potter) for competitions as well as mentoring with younger students.  These photos are of "George" house (red) which includes HM Otoo, teachers Rockson and Emmanuel and of course George.
Our motto will be "help our juniors learn".  
It is consistent with Paying it forward and Sue's mentoring project!! 

We are soooo proud of our Girls' Club and CCI library and Leticia!!!  
They did their own design and painting with teacher Osborn. 
IMG_2127.JPG IMG_2143.JPG 
With money they raised through Sue selling their jewelry and knit goods, they are awarding a CCI scholarship to a student each term.  First award goes to Precious (on right)
Next years Grade 9 students, 18 of them.  
We are already planning on how to help them perform well and earn scholarships.

IMG_2183.JPG IMG_2187.JPG
School Management committee.  
L to R:  Otoo, George, Hetty (proprietress), Rudolph, Mr Atto (President).  Solo in back, John (Head of PTA) not in picture.  Agenda and notes on blackboard.

IMG_2079.JPG IMG_2040.JPG 
IMG_2061.JPG​ IMG_2029.JPG
This Friday had aerobics and games after exams.  Students, teachers and PIF participated, also including one old white man. 

Cecelia in the shoe chase.  She works hard at everything she does.

Fun things we get to do.

IMG_1678a.jpg IMG_1706.JPG
Four separate volunteers at the same time.  Sue from SF, Fred from NYC, Birgitta from Oslo, and George from Pittsburgh.  All with multiple visits helping Tomorrow's Stars make education possible and enjoying our adventure.
Left:  Dinner at Ellies' on Sues last night.  Right:  Rudolph and Solo at the Coconut Grove with Fred, Birgitta and George

IMG_1837.JPG ​
Stars dinner at Godwin's with Otoo, Richard, Leticia, Solo, Rudolph.
The 3 animal puzzles for P1 got mixed together and it was a challenge to separate them without pictures.  It took a while, but we got them done.  
Lots of laughs.  ​Now ready for the first graders. :-)​​​
IMG_2006.JPG IMG_2192.JPG
On left:  George was among those honored with a plaque for "making education possible" by Solo, Leticia and the Ewusie family.  Proud to receive the honor.

On right:  I was able to attend the funeral of my friend Mr. Annan (the chairman).  He lived a good life.  With me in photo is Rudolph's mother Helen.  We are always very happy to greet.