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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2014 SUMMER NEWS FROM ELMINA, GHANA

George Weir just returned from a 16 day visit to Elmina to "make education possible".

His mission was to check on projects and direct our Pay It Forward students.

Below are photos and stories, we hope you will enjoy the news and feel proud of what your donations accomplish.  Remember that Tomorrow's Stars pays no salaries or travel expenses.

Two of our long time donors, Sue Gonzalez and Fred Graham are visiting Elmina in July.  I am sure they will enjoy their friends, the progress and the Bakatue Festival.


We encourage our High School Scholarship students to "Pay it forward" to help their juniors.  Most of this is done at Christ Cares school and our three libraries.  We have 12 students participating.  Three of these are University students.  

IMG_2647.JPG IMG_2689.JPG

Left:  Front=Otabil, Solo, Chris.  Back=George, Richard, Eric, Leticia, Max.  Right:  Isaac, Francis.


Left:  Rudolph.  Right:  Max, George, Emmanuel.

Rudolph:  Grad of KNUST (Univ of Sci & Tech).  President of Herbal Medicine class.  Starts year of National Service at Eastern Region Hospital in Sept.

Solomon: Third year UCC (Cape Coast) in Edu. Mgmt.  Pres of Lions Club.  Student teaching at Edinaman in Sept.

Francis:  Second year UCC in Optometry.  Nearly straight As.  Attachment at hospital for summer.

Leticia: EHS Grad.  Librarian, leader of Girls' Club.  Applying to Nursing school

Maxwell: Met Max during run on first visit.  Now Head Master at Christ Cares.

Richard:  EHS Grad.  Librarian, Applying for Education.

Otabil:  EHS Grad.  Mentor at CCP.  Applying for Nursing.

Christopher:  EHS Grad.  Mentor at CCP.  Applying for Physician assistant.

Eric: EHS Grad.  Science teacher at CCP, head of Science Lab.

Isaac: EHS Grad.  Librarian at Abrem Essiam.  Applying for Education.

Otoo:  Adisadel Grad.  Third year UCC in Education.  Student teaching at Edinaman.

Emmanuel: EHS Grad.​  Mentor at Christ Cares.  Applying to UCC for Economics

All are creating their own success story.  Excellent Achievements!!!  

Thanks to our donors for helping them succeed.


Many of our "Pay it forward" Stars participated in a Create your Future Workshop.  We discussed future plans, career decisions and had some group exercises.  

A great planning, bonding and sharing experience.  


This is where Tomorrow's Stars began some 11 years ago.  There have been some challenges in past years, but the future looks bright now.  We have many past students involved and some great projects.  Class sizes are smaller and the teachers and resources are improved. 

JHS student performance


Three grade 9 students take their BECE exam in June.  Success will get them a boarding scholarship to Edinaman.  They are Laurenda, Joshua and Veronica.  They are well prepared thanks to Otabil and Chris paying it forward.  They received flash drives care of long time donor Susan Akimoto of Boeing.  Thanks Susan.

Other classes


Christina with KG2 playing.  Girl reading "keep book' to friends 

 IMG_2739.JPG IMG_2740.JPG 

Cece with Grade 3 class.  Osbourne with Grade 1 class.

IMG_2754.JPG IMG_2752.JPG

Michael with Grade 4 class.  Cecelia with Grade 2 class.

Play centered Kindergarten at Christ Cares Prep

As we have reported before, Kathy has helped with a national effort to move KG to a play centered system to improve literacy.  We begin our implementation now at CCP.  

Solomon is leading teachers Josephine and Christina through the process.  We (Solo, Josephine, Maxwell and George) had visits to two KGs who are doing it well.  Our current goals are to practice the process for the remainder of the term (end of July).  We will paint the rooms in August and begin fresh with the new class in September.

We are proud of Solo and Josephine and Christina.

IMG_2915.JPG IMG_2918.JPG

Josephine and Solo with KG1 (class size 14).  Christina and Solo with KG2 (class size 18) 

IMG_2802.JPG IMG_2807.JPG

Photos of centers at SEP private school at Salt Pond.  Students rotate play for 15 min.

IMG_2836.JPG IMG_2838.JPG

Visual aids for learning at Efutu public school.


George and Head Mistress Evelyn at Efutu school.  Efutu is #1 public school in Cape Coast district.  Her self discipline and management style is the reason.

New Science Lab at Christ Cares

George has wanted an effective science lab at Christ Cares for a long time.  His friends at American Nickeloid company donated some glassware and equipment.  We were able to get some from Edinaman also.  Now, with the leadership of science teacher Eric (past CCP and Edinaman grad) we are doing it.  

  • Maxwell has donated a storeroom.
  • Tomorrow's Stars invested $100 for a carpenter to do shelves and lab benches.
  • Stars Rudolph, Otabil and Chris are able to use their science to help and mentor. 
  • Emmanuel completed wiring for better lighting.
  • Otabil did a lab in Grade 2 with batteries and electricity.


Lab room after cleaning.  Grade 8 & 9 classes watching Hydrogen demonstration

IMG_2755.JPG IMG_2765.JPG

Eric and Max with full storage shelves!!!  Joshua testing for hydrogen with candle.


Eric found and fixed an old gas tank for bunsen burner.  Otabil fixed a broken burette


Grade 9 doing distillatation of sea water with burner and bucket condenser.  Design upgrade coming.

IMG_2744.JPG IMG_2747.JPG​​

Otabil with Grade 2 electricity lab.  Students make a circuit using their book.

Star Leticia with Girls' Club at Christ Cares:


Leticia is a role model for these girls discussing the challenges of growing up, education and the possibilities for their future.  She is always a strong woman of high values and hard work.

 Christ Cares Teachers and Administration


Some of the Christ Cares teaching staff (total=15)  Maxwell in office.​​

 IMG_2921.JPG  IMG_2934.JPG

Max with Tomorrow's Stars donated printer.  Max, Rudolph and Solo, friends with dreams. 

CCAPSTU reunion


Christ Cares past students are organizing their 4th reunion in July.  Another example of Paying it Forward.  It will include a town cleanup on Friday AM, followed by spelling bee and quiz shows with prizes for current students at Christ Cares.  On Saturday, a football game and other reunion activities to raise the banner of the school in the community.


Four of our 17 scholarship students recently graduated and took their WASSCE exam.  We will add more in the fall.  Joseph is 4th in class of 720 and Isaac is 3rd.  Others are also doing well.  Below George reviewed their results with them.

IMG_2706.JPG IMG_2713.JPG

Sharon on left, Isaac on Right

IMG_2714.JPG IMG_2728.JPG

Francis on left.  Joseph with former grade 2 teacher on right.


George with group of "Tomorrow's Stars"

The Edinaman Staff is always helping us "Make Education Possible"

IMG_2885.JPG IMG_2649.JPG

Left:  Asst HM Foster with Acct clerk Georgina.  

Right:  Teacher Appiah in Chem lab, preparing acids for CCP (Rudolph & Otabil).


Left:  Foster with Appiah and science teacher Cynthia.

Friend Osei with Accountant Peter, talking about new web site for Edinaman.


George with EHS teachers Yawson, Osei and Paul at Coconut Grove.


George's visit to Essiam was the day after a big storm and the road was flooded.  The rainy season adds more barriers t​o student education.  The taxi let us off and George had escorts to cross the flooded road.

IMG_2673.JPG IMG_2688.JPG

George wading to cross.  Francis and Nana showing plan for new bathrooms for KG/Nursery.  Tomorrow's Stars pays materials, Essiam provides labor.  Completion by Sept.

IMG_2689.JPG IMG_2697.JPG
Stars Isaac (Librarian) and Francis (Straight A optometry student)​.  

George with Francis family. 


Our first library is still operating at this local public school.  Richard is librarian.  We hope to award a couple of scholarships to Edinaman.  We are also helping with reading awards and a girls' club.  Sue will be working with students on a project to write books about Adinkra symbols. ​


Richard with HM Mr. Leddi.  Students making fence to protect grass on rainy Friday.


Mr. Leddi and George giving out reader of the week awards.


Awardees with Salome and George and Mr. Leddi.


IMG_2660.JPG IMG_2661.JPG

A Ghana proverb says "we will push those who are climbing". Tomorrow's Stars tries to do this in Elmina.  Climbing is a challenge here for young students. The sun can be very hot, always too many chores and too little money, and the power outages (lights out) are frequent and usually unannounced, but the students keep on climbing.  Then the big rains come.  Flooded homes and paths and schools, impassable roads all here this week.  But the sun is out today and soon the climb will begin again. Thank you to our donors who make the "pushing" possible.

IMG_2726.JPGIMG_2722.JPG IMG_2726.JPG

Pershie is a small local village that had serious flooding.  You can see the water line as water entered the houses.  Losses included livestock and salt (a local business) and, of course, belongings.  Fortunately no human casualties.  Water pipe was out for 4 days.  Librarian Richard with grandmum on left.  Rain causes snakes to leaves the wetlands, this venomous viper was on the road.

IMG_2926.JPG  IMG_2931.JPG

George invited some "Stars" to Coconut Grove for a beverage, World Cup TV and table tennis.  Good time for all, especially Otabil who bested George at the table (again).

IMG_2783.JPG​ IMG_2880.JPG

Michael on left helping fix potholes on road near Christ Cares.  Hoping for tips from taxi drivers.  Neighborhood kids posing.​​