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As a new school year begins in Elmina we are happy to celebrate World Literacy Day on September 8th.  

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It has been an exciting summer for Tomorrow's Stars, with volunteers Sue from SF and Fred from NY traveling to Elmina to help "make education possible".  They were hosted by our "stars" and had a "happy" time.  This short video was put together by Sue and Solo.  We hope it makes you happy too. ​  Elmina Happy Dance

Sue Gonzalez

Sue's mission was to enable the Adehye Girls' Club, as well as other students, to research and write stories about the Ghanaian Adinkra symbols.  With help from our "Stars" Leticia, Solo, Richard and others this mission ​was accomplished.  

​Thanks to for their support, the illustrated stories are available at:

Adinkra Stories​   

Please select one from the link and read it, they are short and may help you appreciate the symbols and culture and children.  You might even want to read more.  We will be having a recognition ceremony with prizes for best stories in October.


Students showing Adinkra symbol banners        Girls showing off Adinkra books.


Angela showing her award.      Sue with Edinaman HS scholarship student​s

(Yes we have girl scholarship students, they were in a meeting)​

Frederick Graham

Fred's mission was to revisit Bantuma school and learn more about Tomorrow's Stars projects, making education possible every day.  Thi​s was his third (and best) visit to Elmina.  Fred helped with the play centers in both KG 1 and 2 by buying some resources and was actively involved with the set up.  

He also bought internet routers for both Christ Cares and Bantuma School.  Special thanks to Solo who roamed with him through the streets of Cape Coast making sure he got the best deal for the schools.  

He helped with the prize day at the Bantuma School Library where Richard awarded to the best readers of the reading club.  He and Sue delivered a speech and the headmaster thanked them for the support and tasked the readers to keep reading.  

“Time never goes that fast when I’m in the states but goes very fast when am in Ghana” – Fred Graham. 


Fred with Christ Cares student​s             Fred with Leticia, Rudolph and Solo


Sue and Fred with CCP KG                       ​        Bantuma book club

Thanks Sue and Fred for making education possible!!

Tomorrow's Stars ​​University Students

We provide University Scholarships for selected "Stars" who pay it forward for us.  Below is an update on these students.

Rudolph has completed his Herbal Medicine degree at Kwake Nkrumah Inst of Sci and Tech.  He is now on his year of national service interning at a hospital about 4 hrs from Elmina.  We are proud of him and enjoy hearing of his experiences.

Solomon has finished his 3rd year in Education Mgmt at Univ Cape Coast (UCC).  He is beginning his student teaching term at Edinaman HS, his alma mater.  We are nearly as excited about this as our scholarship students who have been mentored by Solo for years.

Francis completed year 2 in Optometry at UCC with nearly straight As.  He had a 6 wk internship at a hospital this summer. 

Richard has been accepted for distance​​​​ learning for a teaching diploma at UCC.  This allows him to continue to Pay it F​​orward at Bantuma library and attend classes on weekends while doing assignments by internet.
Isaac has also been accepted for distance learning for a teaching diploma at UCC.  He   
He will continue to Pay it Forward at​ Abrem Essiam library.
WE ARE PROUD OF THEM ALL!!  As well as those following in their footsteps.

​​Photo: smart kids...awesome  

​Rudolph with students.  Rudolph, Leticia and Solo out to dinner with Fred. ​​

IMG_2689.JPG  ​

Isaac and Francis.        Richard with students at Bantuma Library

​Adehye Girls Club​

The Adehye Girls' clubs are progressing well and led by Leticia at Christ Cares and Sandra at Bantuma.  The story writing described above is a joy for them (as well as for Sue).  Leticia is a wonderful mentor for the girls, and she will soon be going to nursing school.  

It is especially challenging for girls to get a good education in Ghana.  Culturally they have many family responsibilities related to cooking, laundry and caring for younger siblings.  Hooray for Sue and the Girls' Clubs for giving them goals and hope. The link below is a video/song put together by Sue representing the hopes and dreams of all the girls pictured.  Enjoy!

Hopes of Adehye Girls Club ​


Bantuma and Christ Cares Authors of Adinkra books   ​  ​ Leticia with Girls Club

Play Centered Kindergarten at Christ Cares School

​​As reported in "2014 summer news", we are working on Play Centered Learning​ at Christ Cares Kindergarten.  We began during the summer term after KG teachers Christina and Josephine toured some schools that are doing it well with Solo and George.  The focus is on play centers and reading in circles and using an observation checksheet to assess learning.

IMG_2606.JPG IMG_2610.JPG

Teacher Josephine with KG 1 students       KG 2 students at counting play center

IMG_2611.JPG IMG_2614.JPG

Teacher Christina with KG 2                         Osbourne with Grade 1

Construction at Abrem Essiam Village

Our construction project for Kindergarten and Nursery building in Abrem Essiam continues with the bathrooms.  We provide money for materials and the people of the village do the work.​  Francis coordinates this project, his father Nana leads the way.

 100_2349.JPG 100_2293 (1).JPG

​Digging the pit and building the stalls f​or the bathrooms for KG and Nursery.

George Weir is traveling to Ghana Oct 17 to Nov 1 to check on projects and select new EHS scholarship students.  Dr. Toni Saul is also going to volunteer with the play centered KG project and help the teachers at Christ Cares.   

We count on your generous donations to make education possible in Elmina, please give what you can. 

Tomorrow's Stars pays NO salaries or travel expenses.