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Tomorrow's Stars History

George Weir was on a business trip in Ghana and spent the weekend at the Coconut Grove Resort in 2000. During a morning run trough the local village, he met 11-year-old Maxwell Appiah and they became pen pals.
Upon finding out that Max’s father Ben was running a school, George sent $60 and a disposable camera and received photos of an impressive building effort.

In May 2003, George and daughter Liza traveled to the school to meet the people and found:
  • A headmaster who was dedicated to a dream and saw our help as an opportunity.
  • Children who were eager to learn and were glad to help build.
  • Friendly people who appreciate the help and want to improve the lives of their children.
When they returned Tomorrow's Stars was formed so that a bigger impact could be made in Elmina.


School buildings as they were in 2002, before Tomorrow's Stars


And so we began to "Make Education Possible" in Elmina, Ghana