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 Tomorrow's Stars is an all volunteer organization.  
No salaries or travel expenses are paid.
We started in 2003, and since that time we have:
  • funded the building of CCPS a private school in Elmina
  • subsidize part of the teachers salaries as well as other needed school materials at CCPS.
  • sponsor 30 children in Senior High School at the local school, Edinaman.
  • Purchased 24 computers for Edinaman HS
  • put a roof on Sound Foundation School to keep the children dry during rainy season.
  • Funded a Library at Bantuma School
  • removed many smaller barriers that keep children from learning

Our policies include:

  • Alliances with the local community to assure that they “own” the projects.
  • Educational support is based on the Ghana national curriculum and performance is measured by the BECE and SSCE exams.
  • Support the economy by using local contractors and buying materials, supplies and books locally when possible.