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Tomorrow's Stars had a busy and productive summer but we never seem to run out of things to do! September is here and soon fall will soon be upon us. Erin Janca will again bring students from Batavia High School in Illinois to visit Ghana and volunteer at the newest SABRE Kindergarten build at Ayensudo. Kathy Weir will be staying until December. George Weir will be in Ghana in November. We will all be spending time working on removing the numerous barriers to education. SABRE and Tomorrow's Stars will be spending much time with the Kindergartens at the 6 schools that participated in the teacher training this summer including giving needed supplies and starting a "Rotating Book Box" to maximize the limited numbers of books so each kindergarten always has some books in the classroom. If this idea works, it may also work on a larger level so students who do not have access to a library can still have access to books!


Teacher Training for 12 kindergarten teachers from 6 schools was a highlight of the summer. Erin designed and then she and Lisa facilitated the training which pointed out many of the issues the teachers face in the very critical early years and helped them overcome some. A great start to a much needed program and the teachers want MORE! 

High School Scholarship Students meet before exams with guest speakers Rudolph and Justice both graduates of ESS who just finished their first year of University who both spoke about study tips and time management.
                   Justice Holison and Rudolph Mensah discussing science, math and post HS life with TStars scholarship students.

Sue Gonzales came for 3 weeks and with Solomon and other volunteers helped 37 student write and illustrate "books" which were then published to the International Book Library. You can read the books here: Book Club.

A Tomorrow's Stars ESS graduate lives in Abrem Essiam. The small rural village had a wonderful building a group had built in 2006. It needed electricity brought to the building, fixtures, fans and some general TLC and the building was ready to house a wonderful community library. With Francis paying it forward helping to develop a system, the Library in Essiam is well on its way to being a Literacy powerhouse for the children in the village.


While we were working on the library we could not help but notice the part of the school that was being used for the Kindergarten and Nursery. It was decided we HAVE to do something! The village agrees but needs help with money for the materials. They will do all the labor. While this is not a current project we hope to find some extra funding to help this great rural village. The estimate for materials is only $8000 for 3 classrooms!