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Abrem Essiam is a farming village about 45 minutes from Elmina.  In 2007, young Francis from Essiam scored very well on his BECE exam and was selected for a Tomorrow's Stars scholarship to Edinaman.  Francis graduated in 2011 as the best Edinaman student ever.  He is now in his secord year at university with nearly straight A s in opthomology.
In 2011 George and Kathy visited Essiam and saw there was a building that had been built as a library but not used well.  We decided it could be used as our second Tomorrow's Stars library and Francis and his father Nana (the village chief) seized the opportunity.  Kathy helped with the books and shelving and funding, Francis and Nana provided the labor and leadership and a beautiful library came to be.
               Group photo at library                 The library also has two computers  

   Grade 1 teacher helping students.        The school has 11 laptops with our help.
          Francis with the students                  Library room with student drawings

KG and Nursery
With the library success, Nana and Kathy discussed the lack of a roofed building for KG and nursery students.  Again Kathy, Nana and Francis saw an opportunity.  Nana and local masons provided the design, Tomorrow's Stars provided funding for materials and the village provided the labor.  As Nana said "our future is in the education of the children and it starts when they are small".  He arranged that the village men were divided into six groups and each had one day a week to help with making blocks, assisting masons and carpenters to build the building.  Now it is nearly complete, but already being used for two years of KG and one of Nursery.  Kathy is headed back in August to help direct the painting and finishing of the building, a great achievement.
      Village workers at Abrem Essiam       KG/Nursery building nearly complete  
   Another view of KG/Nursery                     Village worker making blocks

      KG students in new building                   Nana with KG students    

Another great example of Tomorrow's Stars and the village leadership "Making education possible".