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We are very proud of the summer accomplishments in Elmina, especially because nearly all were made by current and former scholarship students managing projects.  Here is a summary with some photos.


Paying it forward is what we preach for our successful scholarship students.  We want them to help mentor, tutor and inspire the younger students to "make education possible".  This summer, we had great leadership and participation. 

In Elmina:  Our "Pay It Forward Stars" from Elmina are Rudolph M and Solomon E.  They are both performing well in University.  Rudolph enters his 4th year in Herbal Medicine/Pharmacy, Solo goes into his 3rd year in Education Management.  One of their main missions was to help our recent grads learn about Paying it Forward, these students included Otabil, Solomon M, Christopher, Eric and Gladys. 
  •   Organizing classes and tutoring the grade 9 students to prepare for their National BECE: 
  •   Identifying the best students in grades 6-8 at Christ Cares and Bantuma Schools to give us more time to build relationships and "make education possible".
  •   A leadership conference for SHS students and grads to help them learn how to make decisions and plan for their future. 


     Rudolph, Solo and Francis, our Stars                Otabil and Eric preparing circuits demo.

In Abrem Essiam:   Francis Wiredu is our "Pay it Forward Star" who has been working in Abrem Essiam, his village.  He is our brightest student and has completed his first year in Optometry at  U Cape Coast with nearly straight A s.  He spent the summer helping the Grades 9s prepare as well as helping teachers and younger students.  He also has setup the library computer room to be more effective for teaching computers with the laptops awarded by the government.  See 2013 Summer News and Ab​rem Essiam pages.  Francis is also working with the community as we complete the Nursery/KG and help to put in a latrine. 

His friend Isaac is running the library.​  Francis helping with laptops for small children 

  Francis painting pictures at new Nursery/KG funded by TStars.

At Christ Cares School:  Maxwell is performing well as headmaster and is going into his first full school year.  He and Rudolph are coordinating a Tomorrow's Stars funded construction project.  We have always been short of space for Nursery/KG children.  We are completing a new room as an extension.  We hope to be complete before November and want to implement the design and management to meet the "play-centered KG" standard.  There is also a remodel of the teacher lounge with a new door and better storage lockers for teacher materials.


 Christ Cares at closing assembly            Solo, Rudolph, Maxwell and George

                   Well attended PTA meeting for planning

Volunteer Sue Gonzalez came to Elmina in June/July (for her third time).  She had funding from as well as raising funds for us.  Her mission was to start a girls' club to help young girls achieve their potential.  She had lots of help from our "Pay it Forward" students, notably Letitia Ewusie and Dorcas Ensuah.  We have a page for this great achievement, see "The Adehye Girls' Club".   


      Adehye Girls' Club group photo                  Kakum canopy walk. 

            Sue with club members.

PLAY-CENTERED KG (Kindergarten):

Kathy Weir stills spends most of her time in Elmina working on this national pilot program beginning with 14 KGs in the Elmina area.  
This is the second year of the program which relies on training 40 class teachers and 75 student teachers (in their practice year) on "activity based learning" using locally available resources.  We will now be able to accept all KG student teachers from the teacher training college each year into a model class to have a good practice year.
A 4 day resource-making workshop has just been completed for the student teachers as well as a week of training for all 120. 

Kathy coordinates implementation of this training, outfitting classrooms with student centered play materials and many other activities to help make the transition from rote learning.  It is taking hold, Kathy's relentless efforts are a big part of the success.



Teacher Training focuses on interacting with students and helping children learn by playing.



Classroom design and materials are much better for children to learn English.



Bottle caps and fish for numbers and bamboo and PVC pipe as bead materials.



Teachers making classroom materials.  Classroom "store" to help learn names of items.  New KG complex.


We currently have 10 scholarship students starting their new year at Edinaman.  Our coordinator is teacher Justice A-Q who helps counsel them and provide communication to us.  We will be adding to the list of Tomorrow's Stars scholars in the next two months.
Joseph A., Christ Cares grad and long time TS student has achieved nearly straight A s and is first in his class.
Teacher and TS Coordinator with six of scholarship students.  Joseph A, top in class with Esther


As you know, Tomorrow's Stars pays no salaries or travel expenses, all money goes to the projects.  We are happy to hear from donors by email at:​.