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2012 year end News  
 Here is a project update with some photos.    
KG Teacher Training in Ghana:

“Transformational Teacher Training" changing classrooms from “rote teaching” to “child led learning”.  This year long training started in August '12 to change Kindergartens starting with 14 Kindergartens in our area! The perfect start to a good foundation for the children here in Ghana.           


 ​KG in Bantuma with teacher Eunice and two OLA student teachers Grace and Irene

University Scholarship Students:
We have three outstanding scholarship students at university.  Rudolph, Solomon and Francis have been helping Tomorrow's Stars "make education possible" for years by tutoring and mentoring and representing us on projects.
Rudolph is at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi and is in his 3rd year as a pharmacy student.  Solomon is in second year at nearby Cape Coast University majoring in education management.  Francis is first year also at Cape Coast majoring in optometry. 
As donors to Tomorrow's Stars you would be proud of them and yourselves, we are doing well.
Rudolph, Solomon and Francis at Essiam Library  Rudolph tutoring students James and Francis
                                                  Francis speech at Possibility Club at A-E Library
Edinaman High School Scholarship Students:
Tomorrow's Stars provides scholarships to 34 students at EHS, 28 of them are boarding in dorms there.  Another 11 have recently graduated. 
We are proud to say the graduates did very well on their national WASSCE exam, led by Dorcas, Emmanuel and Godfred.  
Scholarships include school fees and boarding expenses.  The cost for a year is about $150 for day students and $500 for boarding students. 

We are proud of them all and follow their grades and watch them grow up during their time at Edinaman. 
New scholarship students with advisor Tony    Senior and Junior Prefects:  Emmanuel and Otabil 
                                                        New Student Esther, near food area 
Bantuma Public School and Library:
Bantuma is a local public school in the Elmina area.  Being a public school it is free to students (unless you want lunch or supplies).  Three years ago, they made a room available to Tomorrow's Stars to create a library.  We still operate the library for Bantuma students and the Bantuma Reading Club.  Scholarships students Solomon, Richard and Letitia have been our librarians.
At Bantuma school Tomorrow's Stars helps with painting and furniture in the classrooms for the early grades and pays retired teacher Salome to read to children in Nursery and KG.
 Solomon hosting Bantuma Reading Club Meeting     Club writing Pen Pal letters to Sue's students in SF. ​
                                                         George at Librarian desk at Bantuma Library            
Christ Cares Prep School:
Funding the building of Christ Cares was the first Tomorrow's Stars project back in 2003. 
CCP is a private school for over 300 students from Nursery to Grade 9. 

After the management changes a year ago, we are encouraged by improved classroom order and schedule.  Last summer, some volunteers painted some murals and this year George  provided more science lab materials and
helped teacher Shadrack make a schedule of experiments that follows the grad 4-9 textbooks.

TS scholar and Edinaman graduate Letitia manages the small library and reads to children.  She has also learned to manage carpentry projects, on time and under budget.

Tomorrow's Stars provides a bonus for teachers as well as supporting a small library, computers and science lab equipment.  We also provide scholarships to Edinaman for students who perform well on their BECE national grade 9 exam.
CCP Quiz and game day in November                     Librarian Letitia with new shelving 
  Teacher Shadrack with science students

George with Laurenda, best student in JHS 2              Volunteer murals in JHS 2 classroom  

       Musical chairs final scramble on Quiz/game day
Abrem Essiam Village Library and new KG/Nursery: 
This small village 45 min drive from Elmina is the home of our "best ever" scholarship student Francis.  His father Nana is the chief of the village and an education leader.  Tomorrow's Stars has put in a library there, Isaac is now the librarian as Francis is at Univ Cape Coast starting in Optometry.

Abrem Essiam has been selected for the Pilot program for the "Possibility Club" where the KEEA district promotes community supported student achievement.  Francis was the first honoree, see the photo above in University students.
We have also funded a badly needed building for KG and Nursery, it is now painted and some finishing touches remain.  Nana has been the leader with village men doing all the labor for free, we buy the materials.  It is progressing wonderfully and we are very proud.
Early construction of New Nursery and KG         Nursery/KG in use, needs final touches 

                                                          ​Francis with students at A-E library                                

Edinaman Senior High:

Edinaman now has over 2000 students and is a high performing school for the region.  When we began scholarships, there were no dorms and only 500 students.  In addition to our support of scholarship students, we are on good terms with the Head Master and staff and provide support for the ICT (computer) lab, science lab and tutoring.  We help with things that the government does not provide.  As you can imagine, there are many.

                  Biology Lab-preppincell slides         Cynthia teaching with new donated cell slides
Teachers Raymond, Okoo and Cynthia with volunteers Lee and Mary Ann

  TS Sch. students at Computer center  


 ​​           PLEASE HELP US IF YOU CAN!!

Enjoying the time there (Personal notes from George Weir from recent trip)

Even though we seem to work all the time, we enjoy our relationships with our friends in Elmina and see some interesting things, below are a few photos that are indirectly related to education.  Of course all donations go to education,  You pay for no salaries, travel expenses or greens fees.


         Found time for golf with Solo and Richard.       You can see my ball near top at center in palm tree.  Ah, but Samuel has retrieved it.


Crocodile Pond at Hotel                   Solomon took me on a fish market tour, fascinating.   

              Really hard work, at sea 4PM to 9AM. 


Yep!!  Pink chickens, I have a feather to prove it         George's "hut", two rooms per hut