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Spring has just arrived and already Erin Janca, Kathy Weir, and George Weir have been to Ghana and are safely home. Kathy and Erin will be returning soon for the summer working on Kindergarten teacher training with SABRE Trust our partner in Ghana. Elmina will be a busy place this summer as Sue Gonzales is also volunteering again. She will be working on a great book writing project with the older students at Bantuma. These books will then be uploaded to an eBook library. ISABT has developed this great project helping kids write books for other kids!
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Erin is our newest board member although not new to Ghana! Erin has been volunteering every summer since 2007. This year she led students on a cultural and volunteering expedition during spring break. SABRE has hosted many expeditions for High School Students from the UK but this was the first group from the US. It was a great success and we expect to do more.

The Bantuma Library is better than it was last summer thanks to Librarian Solomon (graduated scholarship student) and many great SABRE volunteers. Solo runs a reading club and to reward the readers and to lure others to join, we purchased shirts and then had 2 Edinaman scholarship "ARTS" students design and screen print them! It was great fun to watch both the working and the giving!

ISABT (Book writing project) shipped a container of books. Tomorrow's Stars paid for a truck to Elmina and got 350 boxes of books in our school district with 70 boxes going to Edinaman High School. To learn more about the book project and about shipping books check out ISABT or Check their face book page.

There are now 40 high school scholarship students, most are attending Edinaman Senior High School. 9 will be graduating right after they take the national exam in May.


CCPS is doing well and has 18 teachers and 330 students. Four graduates did well enough to earn a scholarship and after the first term, Christopher is second in his class of 470!