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December is upon us and soon this year will end.  Tomorrow's Stars has had a great fall even if it has been HOT here in Elmina and the leaves are still all green.  November saw SABRE complete the Kindergarten and Nursery complex in Ayensudu.  We are working closely with SABRE, University of Cape Coast, and the local education office to use this beautiful facility as a model school to help improve learning in the early years. The libraries at both Bantuma and Essiam continue to provide much needed literacy help and reinforcement.
George, Solomon and Rudolph have developed a "backtrack" method to help grade 9 students for their national BECE exam. Our 34 High School Scholarship students are happily back at school, 24 boarding.  The science dept at Edinaman High School now has 3 microscopes thanks to Helen Hansma and Mary Ann and Lee Barnett.  There are now 7 former scholarship students attending university.  Erin and a group of students from Batavia High School spent their Thanksgiving vacation, giving and giving to the students in Ayensudu.

We end the year very thankful for all those who support the work Tomorrow's Stars continues to provide.

Please help fund projects!

   The African Friendship Club at ER Taylor Elementary School in San Francisco makes bracelets from the beads that Sue Gonzalez brought home Elmina this summer and then sells them to make money to help the children in Ghana!

The new SABRE Kindergarten complex is incredible.  A great place to improve Early childhood education and get books into the hands of the littlest students assuring better literacy!

The Library at Essiam attracts readers of all ages. Since electricity is now connected in the building, teachers and community members can access the library both in the early morning and the evening. It is a place that students can come and do homework, work on projects
or just read a book!


Richard does a great job at Bantuma Library while Solo is in University. George, Rudolph and Solomon devised a "backtrack" study program to help students perform better on the national BECE exam after grade 9. John teaches "backtrack" classes after school.



One of the highlights of Mary Ann's trip was helping the students at Edinaman High School learn to use the microscopes. Many of these students had never really used a microscope. They had only read about the experience! And thanks to Lee who fixed one of the broken microscopes already at Edinaman!


The community workers are very proud of the new Kindergarten class building they are building. Tomorrow's Stars is helping with money for the supplies and the community workers, divided into 6 groups, work one day a week on the building. We hope to raise enough money to finish the classrooms and provide learning materials early next year.


Batavia School Trip to Ayensudu. Sightseeing, building a playground, working with students in classes, helping building the toilets and camping at the school. A busy week ending with a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner at the beach!