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​​​​​​​​​Exciting News from Tomorrow's Stars​ 

​ ​​Changing Lives and Building Leaders

in Elmina, Ghana


Rudolph's Books

02017-11-04-PHOTO-00005465.jpg  2015-10-19_00016.jpg

We have reported before about Rudolph's book "Becoming Your Dream".  

It is available in hard copy in Ghana and through TStars in the US.  

It is required reading for "Stars" who apply for university scholarships.  

Rudolph now has three additional books available on  The two books above can be purchased from Amazon as HARD COPY!!​  He did this all himself and can be found on Amazon at:


​​Rudolph Mensah at Amazon Smile

​University Students​ and PIF leaders

2017-10-28_00003.jpg 2017-10-22_00003.jpg

​We are so proud of our young men and women "becoming their dreams" through their own hard work and persistence as well as support from you, our donors.


We find that the PIF experience of 1-2 (or more) years helps with maturity and academic discipline as well as deciding what they want to do.  As a result, most of our students are elected as class reps or other leadership positions.

On 28 October many came to a conference to share inspiring stories.  At left is a group photo of many PIFs including Edinaman HS teachers Osei and Yawson.  

At right is Leticia who is now at Univ Cape Coast in Early Childhood Education.  

  Leticia overcame some epic struggles with math and served for four years as a diligent librarian and  PIF.  Now she is class rep!!  We are not surprised.  

Her glasses were obtained by PIF and optometrist Francis.  

​​Dr. Toni Saul volunteers at KG Resource Room

Image00002.jpg  2017-10-25_00001.jpg

Combining Sue's Pollination Project grant and Toni Saul's learning materials and expertise, we did great things to help early childhood reading in the Tomorrow's Stars Resource Room.  See photos below.

Sydney Arra​​ndt's Go Fund Me page

​Our volunteer Sue has a friend who is raising money for Tomorrow's Stars.  

She makes and sells cards and has started a GoFundMe page.  

Please check it out and donate if you can.

Sydney's Go Fund Me​


​​​Kindergarten and Resource Room

0IMG_1557 (1).JPG 0IMG_1557 (2).JPG

​​With the help of Sue's grant from the Pollination Project, Solo and Aggie and Joana were trained in the Jolly Phonics AND Jolly Grammar techniques for Pre-school reading.  

The courses were excellent and they have brought the ideas back to school.  


​​​​Reading Specialist Toni Saul brought many learning materials to Elmina and provided a training session for teachers and "PIFs" about how to use them with the Jolly Phonics techniques.  

 2017-10-30_00015.jpg 2017-Toni13.jpg

​​A great thing about Jolly Phonics is that they add "motions" to letters and sounds for each letter.  (Remember that English is a second language and small children rarely use it at home).  Ghana children are VERY good with memory, motions and rhymes so they all learned using the motions.  

Here, Toni and PIF Sharon are working with 12 KG2 students in the Tomorrow's Stars Resource Room. 

2017-1Sharon02.jpg2017-Evelyn3.jpg 2017-10-30_00017.jpg

​​Another Resource Room activity is assessing student's level of knowledge.  Toni trained the PIFs and they did over 100 students in KG2 and Grades 1 & 2 and reported results to school management and teachers.    They found 8 weak Grade 2 students, they were  assigned to PIFs Sharon and Kate for small group help and attention.  Photos above are of assessments and showing teachers how they work.  

2017-10-31_00004.jpg 2017-writer5.jpg

 2017-1chair09.jpg ​2017-10-30_00008.jpg

 As we show them how to write their own stories (another part of the Pollination Project), they practiced writing and drawing under direction of Toni and PIFs Sharon, Kate and Evelyn.  

This was a fun activity for all.   

IMG_5280.JPG 2017-RR-011.jpg

Toni brought "blank Keep Books" for writing and the children began to think of their stories and draw pictures and add words, they were not complete when we left, but we are excited about the progress and know that our PIF Girls will continue it in our beautiful resource room.

2017-11-03_00003.jpg 2017-11-03_00004.jpg2017-11-03_00005.jpg 2017-10-29_00006.jpg

Friday is Games Day in the Resource Room and Toni brought games and puzzles.  Here the children are playing Candyland, Fish and working on puzzles on the veranda.  Another great learning opport​unity, especially when they draw a "go back" card in Candyland.  At bottom right is "Salassie" a nursery boy who prefers to patrol the school grounds and not go to class.  Cute as a button and always busy.

​University Students and Leaders


UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS:  Rudolph, Francis, Solo above (and Richard) reviewed applications, did interviews and made decisions about University scholarships.  We now have 15 students in University with Tomorrow's Stars scholarships.  Thanks to our donors!!

We are proud of the students, and thankful to the dedicated and honest work of the committee. 

0DSCN0460.jpg 2017-10-28_00006.jpg2017-10-28_00007.jpg

Joseph (2nd yr Journalism), Otabil (2nd yr Phys. Asst) and Leticia explaining to younger PIFs what they learned while serving and how it helps them now.  

​ 2017-10-28_00005.jpg 2017-10-22_00002.jpg

Left:  Final year Optometrist Francis with mentor from Edinaman (Osei).  

At Right:  PIF Justice, Leticia, Toni, PIF leader Solo and PIF/​computer lab man Rolland

 2017-11-02_00012.jpg 2017-11-02_00013.jpg

Left:  Current PIFs at Christ Cares with George and Solo:  Justice (Science) and Rolland (Computer Lab) with Kate, Sharon and Evelyn from Resource Room.  Right:  Aggie (Grade 1 teacher with Sharon and Kate) 

 2017-11-03_00015.jpg 0IMG_2606.jpg

Joseph is class leader and A student at Ghana Inst of Journalism in Accra.  Bright with Stella and daughter Bridget still works with us, helping with a bathroom project in Bantuma.  Another fine young man.


Libraries and Girls' Clubs

2017-10-23_00001.jpg 2017-10-23_00003.jpg

Reading contest held at lunches at Christ Cares Library.

Toni and George reading with the kids.  George and Mavis reading about Helen Keller.

2017-10-23_00002.jpg 2017-10-27_00008.jpg

Joana is librarian, we have many good books as well as some tablets and e-readers for the children.

2017-10-27_00009.jpg 2017-10-30_00011.jpg

2017-10-30_00012.jpg 2017-BLib13.jpg

At Bantuma school library, Emmanuel is the new librarian, taking over for Richard who is doing National Service.  Emmanuel was the Edinaman senior "Prefect" and in top 5% of class.  At left he works with the reading club to write books for the Pollination Project.  Right:  Many children come to the library on break.

2017-10-25_00005.jpg  2017-10-25_00006.jpg

Tomorrow's Stars will help stock a new library at Abundant Grace school.

  The building is in process needing a roof and finishing.  We will help with books when complete and provide a PIF student to help run it.  At right is George with school Head Master Bernard.

2017-11-07-PHOTO-00011474.jpg 2017-11-07-PHOTO-00011479.jpg

The Christ Cares Girls Club did a beauty pageant with a number of competitions to show their strengths.  Precious was the winner.

​Computer Lab and Science Lab

We are very proud of the computer lab at Christ Cares.  We currently have 12 working laptops and two tablets used for math apps.  We also just awarded 4 used laptops to university students. 

I am proud to add that there have been no incidents of theft or damage in our 5-6 years of operation.  Even equipment failures are usually repaired locally.  

Great job by all concerned!!



Photos of ICT lab activity.  Above, PIF Rolland the Lab Manager is entering Resource Room assessment data into Excel so that student performance can be tracked.

0IMG_2649.JPG 0IMG_2650.JPG

Science Lab experiment showing the flame goes out when oxygen is used up.  

Justice handles the science experiments.

Edinaman High School Scholarships

The Ghana government has begun "free HS education".  This is new for the first year students, year 2&3 continue as is.  We have 10 scholarship students in year 2 & 3.  Since our scholarships are not needed for first year students, we have identified 7 to observe and engage as future PIFs.  

 The new policy changes two things for us. 

1-We will need to change how we recruit PIFs.  

2-Boarding is offered to students from far away, so most of ours will be day students.

This policy will be a change for us and we will see how it goes. 


Scholarship student meeting to remind about Paying It Forward and counselling about results with PIF leader Solo and teacher Joseph Yawson.

2017-10-27_00004.jpg 2017-Cece.jpg

Francis (ctr)​ got a great Grade 9 test score at Bantuma school, he is with Emmanuel and Richard, the Bantuma PIFs.  

At right, our favorite Cecelia with her mother.  She was sent to HS in Komenda (1 hr away) we are hoping to get her transferred to Edinaman.

​Christ Cares School


Toni reading to children in Grade 2 with Sharon as "linguist".  

Teacher Christina and Millicent the orange lady in KG-2.  

2017-1class.jpg​ 2017-Class03.jpg

Aggie in Grade 1 is a very good teacher in a large class.  She uses the Jolly Phonics well and her classroom management is amazing, she loves the kids.  

Emmanuel teaches Grade 3.  He is taking education classes in University.

2017-1KG201.jpg​ 2017-10-31_00010.jpg

Christina's KG 2 class on left.  

Aggie had kids collect and draw leaves for art and science together.

​​Fun Stuff we get to do

We are fortunate to stay at a nice beach hotel only 15 minute walk from Christ Cares and Edinaman.  It is comfortable and convenient and we know the staff well.  We occasionally have meetings there in evenings. 

2017-10-27_00017.jpg 2017-10-26_00004.jpg

Toni had pizza with the Primary teachers and PIF on Friday after school.  

Solo and Toni sharing pizza with the sea in the background.

2017-11-golf13.jpg 2017-10-seawall.jpg

George got in 8 holes of golf one morning with course pro Daniel.  The hotel has an 18 hole course. 

   Also found time to check out the huge stone protection wall for the shore in Elmina to prevent the sea from taking the beach.

2017-10-29_00005.jpg 2017-10-29_00007.jpg

George and Otabil had their usual table tennis match at a local table.  George won 2 of 3 in a rare event.  

But Otabil did let me have the preferred end in game 3.  

2017-10-21_00003.jpg 2017-10-21_00002.jpg

Our PIF Esther has given birth to beautiful baby girl.  

She will be coming back to work in the Resource Room and help with Hand Washing in January 

2017-11-01_00015.jpg 2017-11-01_00016.jpg

We always go to Essiam to see Francis Wiredu and his family.  This time we enjoyed fresh coconut.  

At right Francis and his father with a Smiley Fan.