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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2015: ​​​​A GREAT YEAR 



1-Our first college graduates.  See Stars Pay It Forward

  • Rudolph has graduated in Herbal Medicine and is interning at a hospital.
  • Solomon has a degree in Education Management and is doing his national service as a teacher.  
  • Five more students are in University.
  • Nine of our students are helping at our libraries and schools.
  • We support 22 fine students at Edinaman HS.

​2-Achievements at Christ Cares school:

  • ​​Christ Cares grad Otoo is Headmaster
  • Enrollment up by 50%.

  • Tomorrow's Stars ICT lab is working great. 

  • Library, Play Centered KG and science lab led by PIF students, 

  • Hand Washing with soap becoming a habit.

3-2015 Volunteers:

  • Aaron (ICT Lab)
  • Sue (Reading, writing books, Girls clubs)
  • Toni (Reading and teaching)
  • Fred, Brigitta, Wendy and George all helping in many areas.  

4-Libraries and Girls Clubs

  • ​Addition of e-readers and tablets with apps (15 total) to libraries.

  • Librarians attend World Reader conference in Accra in April.

  • All three libraries are thriving with active reading clubs.  

​We hope you enjoy the News from our recent trip to Elmina.  

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​During this visit we saw many successes and activities led by young women.  

What a great thing to see in Elmina.

PB040128 (2).JPG

Angela Appiah earns scholarship to Edinaman with BECE 10.  

The second best score ever for a girl and 4th best in our history.

PB040126 (2).JPG PB040135.JPG

At left:  Constance and Lawrenda are starting year 2.  

Lawrenda is second in class of 800.  Yes, she is the girl who scored better than Angela.

At right:  George and Richard with Faustina and Mary, who earned awards to Edinaman from Bantuma school.

IMG_2376.JPG IMG_2556.JPG

More girls!!  Volunteers Wendy and Toni.​  For both, their second time in Elmina.



Esther helps Leticia with library and girls club.  Girls posing with Wendy after class.IMG_2477.JPG IMG_2481.JPG

Reading and responding to Pen Pal letters from Falk school in Pgh and ER Taylor in SF.

Children wash hands with soap before lunch.

IMG_2599.JPG IMG_2593.JPG

Esther and Leticia manage the handwashing program now that Chris is at University.  They are doing a great job, it is becoming a habit.

IMG_2581.JPG IMG_2598.JPG​​


Paying it Forward (PIF) is at the heart of Tomorrow's Stars. 


Many students help at Christ Cares school and our 3 libraries and computer lab.  They help during HS vacations and after graduation.  

They help as teachers, mentors and project coordinators.  

They are our future leaders and we often help them with post HS education. 

​Among our PIF students are 3 college graduates, 5 in college and 10 between HS and college.  We are proud of them all!!!  See PIF link.

DrRudolph1215.jpg  SoloGrad.jpg

Dr. Rudolph (soon) at hospital fo​r clinicals  

Solo at graduation  Univ Cape Coast in Education Mgmt

IMG_2754.JPG ​​

Eric (L), Chris (R) are first year at KNUST University.  

Rudolph (middle) is our pioneer & KNUST grad, doing national service as a doctor.  

Steve Ping and George met with them in Kumasi.

PB060178.JPG PB060183.JPG

Leticia (Librarian) and Esther (KG teacher) and Rockson (our get 'er done man) with Wendy.  Otabil (Edinaman coordinator and Computer lab man) with Esther.​ 

IMG_2706.JPG  IMG_2448.JPG

Wendy and George with Otabil at assembly on last day.  ​Esther with Joseph (PIF leader and Computer Lab teacher) and Philomena (KG teacher) with George

IMG_2450.JPG IMG_2627.JPGEmmanuel (Teacher) at left, Rockson with student Veronica at Edinaman.

IMG_4911.JPG IMG_2691.JPG​​

Solomon (our g​uide and UCC graduate) with Joana (KG teacher) giving awards.  

Emmanuel giving award.

 PB060190 (2).JPGIMG_4796.JPG

Frederick (teacher), Rockson, Otabil and Emmanuel with science lab equipment.     Headmaster Otoo (Christ Cares grad) speaking at assembly.

 IMG_2409.JPG IMG_2694.JPG

Joseph at Computer (ICT) Lab.                     Frederick at assembly.


​​To increase enrollment, the management and PIF students decided to invite local people to show off the benefits of Christ Cares.  This included tours showing the Library, ICT lab​ and Science lab as well as learning materials in KG and Nursery.  There was also an assembly with the School Management Committee (SMC) and teachers.  

New applicants were given a chance to do a test to qualify for a one term scholarship. 

IMG_4779.JPG IMG_4784.JPG

Assembly for showing school and answering questions.  SMC chairman Mr. Addo presenting.


Excellent new students (13 of them) with Joseph, Otoo and George.  

We know they will perform well.

At Christ Cares students are divided into four "houses" (as in Harry Potter) 

Each has members from each grade and teacher representatives.  The idea works well for students mentoring their juniors and building relationships.  "George" house has the color red and the members are shown below.

​​IMG_2659.JPG IMG_2663.JPG

Members of "George" house.  George, Otoo and Emma​nuel with prefects of George house.

Often on Friday afternoons, there is quiz show competition between the four houses.  It can be a rowdy affair.  It is combined with the weekly awards and closing assembly.  

PB070244.JPG PB070228.JPG

The judges and "quizzers" including volunteer Wendy.  A picture of the crowd. 

Computer (ICT) Lab.

The ICT lab is still doing well with 6 working laptops (one more is out for repair) as well as an internet router.  Joseph (who is also the leader of the Pay It Forward students) is the teacher and Otabil assists as past teacher.​

IMG_2409.JPG IMG_2461.JPG


During 2015, the School Management Committee has taken a leadership role in school decisions and planning and Tomorrow's Stars has representatives with a strong voice.  During the recent  visit, there were two productive meetings.  The second being at the end of our stay, concluded with a dinner.  The food was very fine, but we experienced some Elmina "Lights out", a common occurrence in evenings.

IMG_2720.JPG IMG_2715.JPG

IMG_2734.JPG IMG_2745.JPG



Tomorrow's Stars supports 3 libraries, each is led by a Pay It Forward student.  

Each library helps students by having hard copy books and e-readers and tablets.

At Christ Cares, Leticia coordinates the girls club and library.  This includes reading to children in early grades and using tablets with apps for fun learning exercises.  


Painting the library was a big event, enjoyed by all.

Richard is librarian at Bantuma and oversees the reading club.  

IMG_2339.JPG 005.JPG

Isaac with help from Eric lead the Abrem Essiam readers. 

They also have library classes for the students at the school.​​


Libraries encourage students to write their own books and we have software to convert their illustrated stories to an e-book.


Volunteers Sue and Toni are reading specialists and help with training KG and other teachers.  They also lead projects to improve reading, students mentoring younger children and kids writing their own stories.  Tomorrow's Stars provides materials and toys for learning centers at KG and Nursery at Christ Cares.​

IMG_2551.JPG IMG_2362.JPG

Toni and PIF Esther in KG 2 class.  

Learning materials and play centers in KG classrooms.

IMG_2353.JPG IMG_2681.JPG

 (L) Teacher Hajara with KG 1 Class.   (R) Photo of ceiling fan to cool room.  

PIF Rockson made this happen in Nursery, KG1 and KG2.  It helps, but still hot.



​We have helped nearly 100 students with scholarship awards to Edinaman over the years.  Currently 22 students from Christ Cares and​ Bantuma are being helped.  

Isaac is #1 in his class and Lawrenda is #2 in hers.  

​To help students and parents better understand our aid and expectations, we had a meeting with parents.  Nearly all attended in the Edinaman Library on Nov 4th.   


View of classroom building at Edinaman at left.  

Wendy and George hosting parents meeting.  

Each was able to discuss their students results 

and our expectations about paying it forward.


 George and Wendy with Veronica.  

On right, a fine group of young men who will be paying it forward soon.


Mole Park Wild Animal preserve.

George and Toni and Steve and Wendy journeyed a long day with driver Kweku to Mole Wild Animal preserve.  We enjoyed walking, driving and canoeing safaris to see elephants, antelopes, monkeys, baboons, warthogs and other wildlife.

IMG_2809.JPG​ IMGP7539.JPG

We saw about 10 different elephants during the two day stay.  They are majestic.

IMG_2798.JPG PB100287.JPG

Our driving safari jeep with driver and guide.


Monkeys grooming.  A termite mound.

​Wendy had an encounter with a mama baboon who wanted the chips she had just bought.  The theft was quick and painless, no video available.

Mognori Village

​This small village near Mole had​ a very friendly touring system.  

Their main sale product is shea butter from the Shea nut tree.  They showed how it is made.  They give tours of the village explaining cultures and methods.  

IMG_2859.JPG IMG_2860.JPG

Nina showing Shea nuts and butter in a calabash container.   

IMGP7531.JPG ​IMG_2851.JPG 

Mognori village with mud huts.  They are cool inside and you can rent one for a stay.  ​We enjoyed the canoe safari.

George's Birthday at Christ Cares!! 

I guess with facebook around the world, you can't hide your birthday.  

At end of school assembly I was called up for "Happy Birthday".  

The photo on the right is when I learned they all knew how old I was.


Golf at the Coconut Grove

​A tradition with the Pay It Forward boys.  

Just enough good shots to come back again.