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"Change Lives Though Education in Elmina, Ghana"

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​Elmina is a fishing community on the south coast of Ghana.  

In 2000, George Weir was on a business trip to Ghana and while jogging through the village, met a boy whose father ran a school.  After some small donations for construction and a 2003 visit to see the progress, we founded Tomorrow's Stars.


We are a 501(c) 3 organization.

We are 100% funded by private donations, people like you. 

Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Tax ID# 33-1061581

​Our Philosophy and Method:

1-Make education possible by providing opportunities and removing barriers for students who are serious about learning.  We help them by providing libraries and scholarships.

2-Our serious students are expected to "Pay it forward" using their time and ability to help their juniors who are serious also.  We find this to be powerful and it is a theme with our projects. 


​OUR PROJECTS:  (See Other Pages for photos and details)
We pay no salaries or travel expenses.  All donations go to projects.

  • ​Libraries at three schools including e-readers, kindles and tablets.  Librarians oversee Girls' Club and Reading Club.  

  • Support of Christ Cares school, a private school of Nursery to Grade 9.  Support includes teacher salary supplement, HS scholarships, play-centered Kindergarten/Primary, Science lab, computer lab.

  • Edinaman High school boarding scholarships for the best students.

  • ​University scholarships for students who "Pay it Forward".

​​ IMG_2647.JPG IMG_2766.JPG

Our Stars.   New Science Lab at Christ Cares School

 IMG_2778.JPG IMG_2720.JPG

Bantuma Library.  Edinaman HS scholarship students.

See more photos on pbase:  Pbase Tomorrow's Star photos​


Help us seize those opportunities.  

Our promise to our donors is "We will NOT waste your donations".  

Our mission in Elmina is to "Make education possible"  

Our student promise is to "Pay it Forward".  

Remember that Tomorrow's Stars pays no salaries or travel expenses.

Please give what you can!! ​


Come help us, it is an inspirational journey.



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 Tomorrow's Stars

c/o 612 8th St.

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